I Road to a compost furture – Compost experience center l

Road to a compost future: It’s the time to evoke awareness: Kitchen waste is no waste but a resource of nature! By highlighting the importance of microbes and fungi, the urban-ecosystem can be built from compost. As the living showroom of the ecological-approach, Compost experience center (CEC) will become the kick-starter of a new urban-ecosystem in Haarlem. In CEC, the abandoned brick factory building becomes the play field of different micro-climates and landscape, which are formed along with the coming of compost process. Inspired by the original steel structure,the cutting-through experience route will lead you to explore the industrial highlights and the variant outcome of compost by participation. Besides the organic fertilizer, food, energy and clean water will be generated here for the surrounding communities as well. In the future, CEC center is going to be THE one highlight of future recreational route. The CEC opens the window to the understanding of cyclic life. Road to a compost future!

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Road to a compost future
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