Between life and death l a ritual common

A ritual common

A ritual common is based on the believe that even if we have diffirent religions al the religions are based on the same essence.

The central park of fifties neighborhood Kanaleneiland South is occupied by two underused Christian churches. Over the years the neighborhood has changed into a more multi-religious environment. This had led to tension between religious groups as people feel protective over their religious environment. To eliminate tension we need to emphasize the common ground in all religions. This common ground can be found in rituals. These rituals can be translated to five themes; Water, Nature, Food, Forgiveness and Transition. Where the themes lead to a program with a bathhouse, sacrificial ground, spaces to treat the death, places to grow food and trees, seasonal experience, communal kitchen, place to pray, place to confess, place to lay to rest and a space to celebrate. The ceremony in the rituals is what brings a religious group together, but this needs to be more transparent in order to be experienced and understood by others. This is done by creating a surface with one of the churches as the ritual centre, transformed into an open block to invite people in. By changing the park with the former churches into a multilayered – multi-religious ceremonial experience, people will accept each other.


A ritual common

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