A Home Away From Home
During our collaboration with Werkplaats De Gruyter we get in contact with many diciplines other than architecture, but also other cultures. This variety in cultures made us think that we could be a good group to work on the competition.

The competition
In short this competion is about how to create flexible, sustainable and afordable housing for refugees, asylumseekers and other urgents. Our multidiciplinairy and multicultural group decised to focus more upon the social part. There are already many ways to build flexible, sustainable and afordable, but we see other issues emerging when we are talking about refugees and asyslumseekers. It is the resistance of the neighborhood that becomes a problem when the municipality wants to place these groups. For that we created an idea to bend the issues into changes for the community.

Our result: “Shell to Share”
As stated before during our collaboration we come in contact with many different disciplines and cultures. With this variety we formed the group called Shell to Share. The competition requested a flexible, sustainable and affordable way to build. We as a group believed that there are already many design to help give shelter which can used for the growing demand, but there are less social designs that help to people to integrate into the society. As the competition states it is a home away from home, which means that it is their new home and you should make them feel as part of the (Brabant) society. We created a vision on how we can help the New Brabanders integrate in the local society and how the local society can become better from helping the New Brabanders.  https://issuu.com/werkplaatsdegruyter/docs/3de_versie_nieuw_brabanders

To make the idea more realistic we projected the plan on three possible locations and their local questions. This resulted in three examples on how we can change perspective when we talk about refugees and asylum seekers.

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